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Only One You|Nadie Como Tú Activity Set

Only One You | Nadie Como Tú Bilingual Activity Set

Only One You|Nadie Como Tú is a wonderful book by Linda Kranz! Keep reading for a FREE WH-question Spanish worksheet!

The book details a bond between Adri, Mamá, and Papá as they embark on an adventure to share some wisdom with Adri.

This truly is an exceptional story that focuses on teaching how to be proud of who you are and embrace your uniqueness! This story touches upon the importance of friendship, appreciation, individuality, kindness, perseverance, and reflection.

What I love about this book is that there is a bilingual version available where the text is provided in both English & Spanish! This makes it so easy to use with both monolingual and bilingual children!

The author, Linda Kranz provides some free resources that you can use to supplement the story. You can check out these free resources at Linda Kranz’s website (Click this link to be directed there –>

For many children that I work with, I am constantly seeking new ways to practice WH-questions, sequencing, and writing. To add additional support and materials for this book, I created an 8-page bilingual activity set that can be used to target many literacy goals! As I mentioned, I am including a FREE download of the WH-question Spanish worksheet that I created to accompany this story!

My kiddos had a great time learning about wisdom and the wonderful takeaways from this book!

I have created this activity set to include:

*WH-Questions English Version

*WH-Questions Spanish Version

*Wisdom Writing Activity English Version

*Wisdom Writing Activity Spanish Version

*Story Sequencing w/ Sentence Starters English Version

*Story Sequencing w/out Sentence Starters English Version

*Story Sequencing w/ Sentence Starters Spanish Version

*Story Sequencing w/out Sentence Starters Spanish Version

CLICK HERE For your FREE Copy of this WH-Questions worksheet!

If you’d like to check out the entire set, you can head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers page to grab a full copy!